About NEWGEN Trade SchoolS

At NewGen Trade Schools our mission is to overcome the qualified skills shortages and gaps of skilled tradespeople by preparing 15 –19 year-olds for industry-related demands and becoming employable.

About preparing 15 –19 year-olds for industry-related demands and becoming employable.


NewGen Trade Schools is dedicated to filling the skills gap, with our first campus opening in the Western Cape. It will provide affordable trade skills with a recognised qualification. Our approach includes work exposure and integration into the industry, preparing our students to become employable upon qualification. We are committed to fast-tracking our student’s pathway, empowering them with the tools to find employment, bridging skill gaps and lead successful careers in the ever-growing need for skilled trades.



Our school is focused on accommodating high school students ranging from ages 15 to 19.

Our unique alternative high school offering addresses youth employment positively whilst ensuring a NewGen Artisan will be well prepared for and integrated into industry, to become a financially independent and successful professional.

Our country is experiencing an ongoing and major loss of skilled professionals to the international market, scooping up our dedicated and qualified artisans who are well known to be very capable and versatile in various aspects of trades and often multi-trades or millwrights. We are preparing our students to meet these demands, both locally and internationally.

Our strategic team at “NewGen Trade Schools” collaborated and identified this industry and educational sector need and responded by means of the establishment of “NewGen Trade Schools”, to address the loss of skilled people in our country and overall increase in need for South Africans abroad. Whilst we are in this educational capacity, we address the youth employment crisis and the day to day building service needs, in a compliant and professional manner.

This one-of-a-kind dream trade school focuses on delivering a unique combination of trade and academical skills, internationally recognised qualifications and work experience, providing an exclusive combination of learning, working and mentoring programme.

Additionally, at NewGen Trade Schools, we understand the importance of preparing our students for future challenges. Alongside trade skills, we offer a Business  and Management Qualification, equipping our students  to meet industry requirements as a future business owner, manager, or specialist in their respective field.

Our first campus is conveniently located in the biggest developing region in South Africa, and by comparison the Southern Hemisphere. The school is correctly positioned to place the students amongst the most established trades and businesses in the country to cultivate their skills in order to earn their right to a final trade test and world class qualification.

Given that the student is not initially employed by any of these companies, “NewGen Trade Schools” will by means of private insurance and legal consultation, ensure an updated “Work Integrated Learning Placement Agreement / Apprenticeship” to be agreed to by parents, student and facilitation bodies before the placements are made.


  • Our platform is fully technology driven; therefore, students will need a reliable PC/laptop/tablet or regular access to one.
  • A stable internet connection with sufficient data to access online resources and participate in programme activities will be provided.
  • You will also get access to a Microsoft (MS) Office 365 account, giving you access to the full MS suite along with numerous resources during the program that will assist you in completing tasks and assignments.

Meet the Team

Introducing Our Exceptional Team!

At NewGen Trade Schools, we’re fuelled by the passion and dedication of our diverse team members. Each individual brings a unique set of skills, expertise, and experiences to the table, creating a dynamic blend that drives our success.


Karen Anderson has dedicated her life to shaping young minds and challenge traditional learning paradigms, fostering alternative academic pathways and guiding students to discover their unique potentials. Karen’s impact didn’t stop there—her pioneering spirit led her to become the Head of Professions, where she spearheaded collaborative efforts that bridged academia and real-world applications. 


Kevin Kirsten established Plumbing College in 2009 due to a major shortage of employable and qualified plumbers who were experienced, and addressed the needed skills development in Cape Town private plumbing sector.


Kevin Buret, a multifaceted professional whose expertise spans the realms of cartography, GIS technology, and IT development. Kevin also wears the hat of an entrepreneur, steering a successful manufacturing concern. But Kevin’s true passion lies in upskilling the youth and fostering job creation. He has been a driving force behind this initiative that equips young minds with the skills needed to thrive in the modern workforce within this organisation.