A Trade qualification is highly sought after today due to the shortage of these skills in South Africa and Internationally. Choosing to obtain a Trade qualification is a valuable Life Choice.

Our qualified Trades persons are able to begin their chosen career path in Grade 9 at the early age of 15, obtaining their Electrical Qualification along with a Business and Management certificate and Red Seal (equivalent of Matric) in the same time as it would have taken to achieve a matric pass, and are ready to establish their own trade related business with unlimited earning potential, or work overseas as a very sought after trades person.9

Admission requirements:

Students should be ages 15-19 years old and have completed Grade 9 or equivalent.

After qualifying with this course you will work effectively within various industries, making use of electrical engineering knowledge and skills to meet the challenges of such an environment.

You will be able to relate their learning to scientific and technological principles and concepts and:

  • Plan and prepare work site, equipment, tools, consumables and materials for electrical activities and operations.
  • Install, wire and connect electrical equipment and control systems.
  • Test and inspect electrical equipment, control systems and installations.
  • Commission control systems and installations.
  • Maintain and repair electrical equipment, control systems and installations.

Theory Learning

1.     Health, Safety, Quality and Legislation

2.     Tools, Equipment and Materials 

3.     Electricity and electronics

4.     Industry Context 

5.     Wire ways and wiring 

6.     Rotating electrical machinery 

7.     Electrical supply systems and components

8.     Low Voltage protection 

9.     Fault Finding 


Practical Skill Learning:

1.     Tools, Equipment and Materials 

2.     Electricity and electronics 

3.     Wire ways and wiring 

4.     Rotating electrical machinery 

5.     Low Voltage protection 

6.     Fault Finding 

Total months of course :
36 months
including apprenticeship

Qualified, you will also be able to maintain and support the various policies and procedures related to the safety, health, environment and quality systems that govern your workplace. Furthermore, with the inclusion of the Business and Management Qualification, you will be provided the theoretical and practical skills to manage or create your own business.